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Elena Is Here

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Elena is Here

Elena is Here is a musical introduction to the Anaheim-based, dubstep artist Elena Charis. The mixtape is a compilation of original beats and rhymes that groove in an almost melancholy manner.

Vocally, Elena’s airy voice floats over most of the tracks, heavy on reverb and compression. Stylistically, you hear some R&B influence (Miki Howard) as well as some alternative influence along the lines of Shirley Manson.

Right now, the dubstep world's most popular act seems to be Skrillex. Elena is Here does not really approach that flavor of dubstep, excepting The Unseen, which brings in a heavy distorted synth that's brought Skrillex to fame.

Listen to Mixtape Vo. 1:

What's impressive about Elena is that she does it all--from production to writing her raps--and she's very new at her craft, admitting to starting to rap in July 2012. For a young, independent artist, Elena puts it out there. Her music doesn't attract listeners because of its over-the-top profanity (there is none), nor does she create an image other than what's real. Elena has gone so far as to post a YouTube video specifically to show who she really is, what she really sounds like, and to thank her fans.

From a critical standpoint, one could take issue with some aspects of Elena is Here. The production could be more polished, the mix could brighten up the vocals, the beats don't have the commercial appeal of Jay-Z's team of beat writers, but that's not what Elena is Here is about. This is a real, young, true-to-form artist beginning what could be a long career as a singer, rapper, producer, and writer. Her ambition flows from her music to her regular radio show on KLIQ. Elena is Here marks the beginning of a career for the energetic, inspired, and honest musical force, Elena Charis.

Connect with Elena:

Facebook | Twitter | Official Website

Review by Wiley Koepp

Date published: 25/04/13


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